About 2.0: Decoding AI one neuron at a time

Looking into the future

2point0.ai is a blog for the builders, experimenters and night-owls who stay up until the early hours nerding-out in code. If that sounds like you, we’re alike. I often immerse myself in the latest, shiny new tech - exploring, experimenting and crafting for weeks or months. But it’s not often that something comes along that leaves me in no doubt that we’re about to see the world we know change in front of our eyes.

I definitely felt that way in the mid-90s when I first used the World Wide Web. And it’s hard not to feel the same way today, when experiencing AI and large language models.

AI is one of those paradigm shifts. I view it as Computing 2.0, hence the blog name. What computers do for us and the way we interact with them is changing, and conventional apps and interfaces will soon seem outdated. Undeniably disruptive, there aren’t many professions or areas of society that won’t be touched by AI’s impact. We’re at the starting line of a race moving at breakneck speed, and where we’ll be in one year, let alone five or ten, is impossible to predict.

I’m writing this blog primarily to help me keep up. I learn by doing, and now, I plan to ‘do’ AI. This blog is my journal, my catalogue of adventures with AI apps, tools, APIs, large language models, code creation, and much more.

Anticipate at least one post a week from me, featuring tutorials, detailed guides to building AI centric apps and services, insights into AI technologies, definitions of complex AI terms, reviews, updates, and my ramblings on all things AI.

About the author

I’m Aaron, and I’ve been getting computers to do fun things ever since figuring out how to misuse recursive loops in BASIC to repeatedly print “polite” messages for my siblings on the family ZX Spectrum.

I’ve worked in software since the early 2000s, and for the past 12 years I’ve been running a small dev consultancy helping businesses and startups bring their ideas to life on the Web. Most recently, I was part of the core team that designed and built the Aldea Computer blockchain.

When it comes to AI, honestly, I’m figuring this stuff out as much as anyone else. And that’s what this blog is all about: discovering AI, understanding how it all works, having a lot of fun and documenting it as I go along.

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Thank you for reading and being here at the beginning of this journey. Stay tuned for more!